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Power Tools
The desoldering station is an efficient desoldering tool with a built-in vacuum cleaner for through-hole plates and components.This is a thermostatically controlled desoldering station that can provide low cost and high performance.The ergonomic and friendly structure allows one-handed operation, ea..
$71.92 $71.92
Building materials store, manufacturing plant, mechanical repair shop, retail, cnc router factoryThe tools are complete and practicalDIY, play the ability of your handsMade of high-quality materials, practical, easy to operate and use, wide application range and long service life.Fine workmanship, w..
$63.46 $63.46
DIY multifunctional mini table sawSell 3mm solid frame and aluminum alloy panel design, durable and not deformed, ensuring flatness and high-quality cuttingThe maximum speed of the 775 motor is up to 7000RPM, which has super cutting ability but low noise, you can use it at home110mm alloy saw blade,..
$64.63 $64.63
Maximum cutting thickness of sawing machine: hardwood: 4mm, multilayer board: 7mm, softwood: 18mm,Sheet metal: 0.5 mm, plexiglass: 2 mm.Maximum diameter of metal lathe processing material: 20mm, length of processing material: 135mm.Drilling machine clamping size: 1 to 6 mm, working area: 123 x 100mm..
$61.47 $61.47
Portable handheld welding machine, easy to carryHigh frequency inverter has the characteristics of fast arc starting and less welding spatterUsing IGBT module to ensure stable high-power welding workOne knob control, supports adjusting the amperage from 20 to 200ALCD display, easy to adjust the ampe..
$75.60 $75.60
Powered by LI-ION rechargeable battery, providing longer running time and more power18 + 3 levels of settings, providing 18 torque settings and 3 drilling modes, which can achieve high precision work3/8" keyless three-jaw drill chuck, which can quickly and easily replace the drill bit, and the maxim..
$74.25 $74.25
These problems can be solved: the nut of the product must be installed outside, and the internal space is very small, and the pressure of the riveting machine cannot be changed into pressure riveting and bud pressure, which cannot meet the strength requirements.It is easy to be firm, replace the tra..
$64.42 $64.42
Portable car washing machine, convenient for you to take it with you.Two different operation modes, with water pipe, more convenient to use.With lithium ion battery and rechargeable charger.The nozzle has four modes to meet your various needs.Fine workmanship, wear-resistant and practical, high prec..
$77.03 $77.03
High-power solid lithium battery brick, more reserved space, more horsepower, more power.Three functions are easy to switch, one machine can use multiple functions to easily repair home improvement.High-quality lithium battery with long battery life.Overcharge protection, over voltage protection, ov..
$77.42 $77.42
Parameter setting: control parameters related to operation for processingManual operation: It can be realized manually, jog back to program zero, return to mechanical zero, and clear coordinate operation.Program management: Programs can be created, deleted, modified, read, saved, saved, automaticall..
$72.43 $72.43
This fits your . by entering your model number.1/3 HP, 1750 RPM motorSingle direction, non reversingSafety switch and easy height adjustmentDoes not include lightUses 8" Oregon 88-047 or 88-048 grinding stone..
$62.22 $62.22
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